Blythefield Country Club
Belmont, Michigan
"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Michael Kuhn & Associates, Inc. as we
replaced our 30+ year-old irrigation system at Blythefield Country Club.  They were
instrumental in leading us through the entire process from evaluation to installation to final

Our working relationship was nothing but professional and we relied on Mike to help us make
the very important decisions through the process.  The final product helped us produce the
finest conditions ever on our golf course.  I would highly recommend Mike and I would seek
his services again."

Kevin Kennebeck
Former General Manager
Detroit Golf Club
Detroit, Michigan
"I would say that with our expenditure here at Detroit Golf Club, Michael Kuhn & Associates
was probably the most important and cost savings part of our new irrigation installation.  
Busy superintendents today just do not have the time to research the daily changes that are
taking place in the field of irrigation equipment and controls.  To make sure your club's
dollars are being spent in the proper way, an irrigation consultant is a must.

Michael Kuhn & Associates was also responsible for  a speedy approval by our membership
to fund a new irrigation system.  They presented the program to our membership in a very
clear and specific way, very professional."

Clem Wolfrom
Golf Course Superintendent
Knollwood Country Club
West Bloomfield, Michigan
"As a Board Member and Chairman of the Green Committee of Knollwood Country Club, I
must tell you that your company was beyond fabulous.  Your work was timely, well planned,
and executed beyond our expectations.  The entire Board of Directors would recommend your
company without reservation.  It was a delight to work with you."

Dr. Marvin Aronovitz
Chairman of the Green Committee
Orchard Lake Country Club
Orchard Lake, Michigan
"Having a professional take care of all of the components that go into selling, designing,
overseeing and programming an irrigation system such as ours and taking the responsibility
off of me, as the superintendent, was money well spent by our club.  With Michael Kuhn &
Associates, not only did we get a quality design that allows me to provide the best possible
product for our members, but it is impossible to put a dollar amount on the follow-up
"checking in" we get from Mike.  We get the same type of support from Mike now that we
received during the construction of our project five years ago.  As a superintendent, there is a
lot to say for that."

Aaron McMaster
Golf Course Superintendent
Springfield Country Club
Springfield, Ohio
"Hiring Michael Kuhn & Associates proved to be the most important step in the installation of
our new irrigation system.  We were able to put in the best system for the Club, and more
economically than we could have imagined, thanks to their help and professionalism.  If
faced with this type of project at another course later in my career, I wouldn't hesitate to use
their services again."

Chad Dorrell
Golf Course Superintendent
Walnut Hills Country Club
East Lansing, Michigan
The money it cost our club for using an irrigation consultant such as Michael Kuhn &
Associates was money wisely spent."

Dr. Harry Schmidt
Chairman of the Green Committee
"Now that our project is complete, I can honestly say that if I was to be involved with another
project like this one, without question, I would hire Michael Kuhn & Associates.  We have all
heard stories about hiring consultants and architects, receiving plans, then never seeing
them again.  Michael Kuhn & Associates has gone above and beyond in every aspect of our
irrigation project.  From the existing irrigation evaluation to plans and specifications to making
sure I'm trained and comfortable using my new system."

Kurt Thuemmel
Golf Course Superintendent
Dayton Country Club
Dayton, Ohio
"Our project Started with three different distributor designs, along with pricing for our project
from one end of the spectrum to the other.  At this time we realized that no one was looking
out for the best interests of our club.  Michael Kuhn & Associates was brought in and hired to
ensure we were getting the best possible product for our budget.  I knew we would get a
quality design from a consultant, but I had no idea they would be spending so much time on
our project to make sure everything was completed properly.  It has been years now since the
project was completed, and Mike still contacts me regularly to make sure everything is
operating properly and helps me with any issues that may arise.  Hiring Michael Kuhn &
Associates was money well spent."

Dennis Cox
Golf Course Superintendent
"For the budget constraints we had to deal with on our project, I couldn't be happier with the
system Michael Kuhn & Associates designed for us.  Their professionalism working with the
county administrators helped the project go smoothly from start to finish, and the amount of
time Mike spent on site was a major key in the success of our project.  There were many
facets to our project here at Kaufman:  a new groundwater well, pond dredging, a new
pumpstation facility and, of course, the irrigation system.  The coordination that was needed
throughout this project was vital.  Michael Kuhn & Associates ensured all aspects of the
project came together at precisely the right time."

Mike Leavitt
Golf Course Superintendent
"I've been involved with two major irrigation renovations in my career, one with a distributor
design and now at Moraine with an irrigation consultant.  If the need ever arises again, there
is no question I will be using Michael Kuhn & Associates as my irrigation consultant.

Having taken over as superintendent at Moraine after the start of the irrigation project, Mike
made the transition for me simple.  He took a majority of the responsibility off my hands so I
could focus on doing my job properly."

Jason Mahl
Golf Course Superintendent
Clovernook Country Club
Cincinnati, Ohio
"The first step in any successful irrigation project, whether it is a renovation or a new
installation, is hiring a competent consultant.  Michael Kuhn & Associates proved to be just
that.  I had the pleasure of working with Mike on both a 20 year renovation to the golf course
and also a new installation during the construction of our practice facility.  Mike having
experience in golf course management with his understanding of the existing golf course
maintenance practices, club budgeting and member expectations was a tremendous asset
to the entire project.

Continuing education in the golf industry is vital.  Mike has made himself available for just
that purpose.  Long after the project was over, Mike would make follow up visits to the course
to evaluate the functioning of the system and educate me on any concerns I may have.  His
on-going communication process whether it has been phone calls or e-mails have been
addressed immediately.  If I could put a price on his technical support I would, but I cannot.  I
have no doubt that his hands-on approach, professionalism and personal pride in his work
made our project a successful one."

Bob Shetter
Golf Course Superintendent
Lincoln Hills Golf Club
Ludington, Michigan
"In May of 2008, Lincoln HIlls Golf Club of Ludington, Michigan, hired Michael Kuhn and his
firm to design and oversee the construction of a new, double row irrigation system for our
club, replacing a system that had been in use for approximately 40 years.  Being on the Board
of Directors, I was appointed to oversee this project which started in the fall of 2008 and was
completed in the spring of 2009.

The purpose of this letter is to advise that Lincoln Hills Golf Club was extremely pleased with
the work performed by Mr. Kuhn and his attention to even the smallest amount of detail.  Mr.
Kuhn was on site many times and oversaw the work being performed by the general
contractor as well as various sub-contractors.  Mr. Kuhn was very detailed, organized and
professional in his approach to the installation of this new system and would not sign off until
he was completely satisfied with the work being performed as well as the functionability of
the same.

Lincoln Hills would highly recommend the use of Michael Kuhn & Associates for any similar
work and I would be more than willing to discuss with anyone Mr. Kuhn's excellent job

David F. Betz
Board of Directors
"During our project, Michael Kuhn & Associates made our golf course their number one
priority.  From the first step of evaluating the site to handing us the final as-built maps on the
day of the walk through, we were never in better hands.  His knowledge of turfgrass health,
soil science and irrigation design was instrumental in providing us a system that surpassed
everyone's expectations.  The system is custom for Pohick Bay Golf Course and has been
instrumental in our success to manage and conserve water.  Whether a municipal or a
high-end golf course, any major investment like ours deserves the quality guidance and
expertise that Michael Kuhn & Associates provides."

Tony Blevins
Golf Course Superintendent
Client Testimonials
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