is his ability to educate, not sell, superintendents and their
members/owners on exactly why the project is taking place and the result
they should expect from their investment.

Mr. Kuhn serves as project manager and designer, with special emphasis
on system hydraulics, site construction observation, staking, GPS as-built
documentation, and system programming.  He is knowledgeable and
proficient at programming all major manufacturers' control systems and
particularly enjoys providing follow-up client assistance after the system is
installed and operational.

As the president of Michael Kuhn & Associates, Mike brings his full
enthusiasm and dedication to every project.  His ownership stake in the
firm also helps ensure continuity in client/consultant relationships that
develop during the course of a project.
Mike is the owner of Michael Kuhn & Associates,
Inc.  A graduate from Michigan State University in
the Turf Management Program, Mike has been
able to very effectively mesh his irrigation
knowledge and his turf management experience
to provide practical solutions to a variety of
irrigation problems.  His first-hand experience
with irrigation installation and repair allows him
to effectively work with contractors and
superintendents to help ensure that all project
specifications are met.  Another important aspect

Angie has a solid drafting and computer background, including proficiency
with CAD and other various software programs.  She has also benefited
from training from both manufacturers and trade associations.  Ms.
Leming uses these skills in preparing concept plans, construction
drawings and irrigation details.  Her keen attention to detail results in a
thorough, accurate, and well-presented end product.  With more than ten
years of irrigation design experience, Ms. Leming is a valuable member of
our design team.

In addition to her design duties, Angie also serves as the office manager
at Michael Kuhn & Associates.  
Angie is a staff irrigation designer for Michael
Kuhn & Associates, Inc.  Her responsibilities
include all aspects of design development,
manual and computer aided drafting, and site
observation.  Prior to joining Michael Kuhn &
Associates, Angie was employed at Spartan
Distributors, a regional Toro distributor.  In
addition to her design responsibilities there, she
broad knowledge of irrigation components and
their applications.
  • Michigan Turfgrass Foundation
  • Ohio Turfgrass Foundation
  • The Irrigation Association
  • Western Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association
  • Mid-Michigan Superintendents Association
  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
  • Sports and Commercial Turf Management     
    Michigan State University, 2000
  • Business Management                                     
    Delta Community College, 1995
  • IA Certified Irrigation Auditor - Golf
  • IA Certified Irrigation Designer - Golf
  • Michigan State Turf Club, 1999-2000
  • Toro LTC Programming Seminar
    Abilene, TX, 1999
  • Rain Bird Maxi Programming Seminar
    Chicago, IL, 1999
  • Hunter Product Information and Programming Seminar   
    San Diego, CA, 2000
  • AutoCAD Land Development/GPS Training          
    Madison Heights, MI, 1999 and 2002
  • Golf Turf Irrigation Control Systems                        
    Michigan State University, 2000
  • Irrigation Consulting Services                                   
    Kentucky Turf Conference, 2008                                     
    Ohio Turf Conference, 2009
  • The Irrigation Association
  • Bachelor of Science Degree
    Student Planned Curriculum                                           
    Concentrations in Engineering Graphics and English
    Western Michigan University, 1995
  • Rain Bird Maxicom2 Level 1 Certification                   
    Hardware and Software, 2003
  • Spartan Distributors Toro University                               
    Auburn Hills, MI, 1994
  • Spartan Distributors Irrigation Design Seminar       
    Auburn Hills, MI, 1996
  • Toro University
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1997
  • Rain Bird Maxicom2 Central Control Training         
    Tuscon, AZ, 2003
  • Toro Sentinel Central Control Training                     
    Auburn Hills, MI, 2006
  • Toro DL2000 Drip Irrigation "Train the Trainer"               
    Spartan Distributors, 1998
Our Staff
Our committed staff ensures that we do not get "too busy" to acknowledge that your project is the
only one that matters to you.  We are available during the design phase to help inform and convince  
identified decision makers of the need for the proposed improvements.  During construction, we are
on site in a timely manner throughout the entire construction period.  As-built drawings are developed
using GPS mapping, the central controller database is developed and other programming needs are
identified and met.  Long after the system is installed, we remain available to help the client become
comfortable with the system and to help the superintendent maximize its potential.  
We promise to give
full attention to
our clients' needs.
2368 Liverpool Street  •  Auburn Hills, Michigan  48326  •  P: 248.499.8887  •  F: 248.659.1648