We believe that keeping up with advances in technology
is an integral part of giving our clients the best possible
product available - one that will not only meet their
immediate needs, but their future needs as well.  
Hydraulic modeling software like WaterCad gives us the
ability to "run" our clients' irrigation systems from the
beginning stages of the design process, before
construction drawings are even produced.  Numerous
scenarios are evaluated in our office to ensure the client
has not paid unnecessary dollars for a system that has
been over-designed or, even worse, a system that has
been under-designed.  In the end, this gives our clients
the assurance that the end product was designed
specifically for their needs.  Being one of the first
irrigation consulting firms to make use of this type of
hydraulic modeling software, we continue to stay on top of
the latest technology to ensure our clients' expectations
are being met now and for years to come.
Forest Lake Country Club - Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Hydraulic modeling was completed on the proposed mainline
system to ensure the pipe was sized properly and the desired
water pressures were consistent throughout the golf course.  We
also ran scenarios showing how different maintenance practices
such as fairway syringes (shown here) affect certain design
philosophies in lateral piping for fairways.
With the advances in irrigation system size and complexity,
we believe our clients need more attention now then in
past years.  Computerized control systems, pumping
stations, and equipment such as weather stations dictate
the need for more than just occasional support from the
local distributor.  Once a new irrigation system is installed,
it may take the superintendent many seasons of
"tweaking" the system until it gives the client their desired
result.  Our company has stood by the fact that our clients
are important to us, not just during the sales portion of the
project, but during design and installation as well.  It is
crucial to the success of the system for us to stay in
contact with the superintendent to ensure he or she has
become comfortable with their control system and
continues to advance toward the desired goal.
Aaron McMaster, Golf Course Superintendent
Orchard Lake Country Club - Orchard Lake, Michigan

"We get the same type of support from Mike now that we
received during the construction of our project five years ago.  
As a superintendent, there is a lot to say for that."
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